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Account Microsoft Office 365 vs Microsoft Office 2024 pro plus

Do you know the differences between Office 365 vs Office 2024? Office 2024 offers a single license key for one PC or Mac device, whereas Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is subscription-based for five devices. You will get the additional benefits of getting 1TB OneDrive storage and Microsoft Editor access for six users at a time under Microsoft 365. So, you have different advantages to select upon the specific plan and this post will enlighten you to know the detailed information about these two. Continue scrolling to learn more.

What is the Difference Between Office 365 vs Office 2024?

In this segment, we will talk about Office 365 vs. Office 2024 and what are the differences between them. As we can see, the actual differences between them are the number of users, and how long a user can use these two plans. We are heading to the solution and to check out this keep reading:

Office 2024: It’s a traditional product of Microsoft Office and you can purchase it for once in a lifetime. To activate the license key, you can use it for a lifetime on a single PC or Mac device. The license key has no expiration date and if you want to transfer the key to another device, you should remove the activation of the existing device.

Office 365: If you are talking about Office 365 or Microsoft 365, Microsoft expects to sell it to more people. To get this Office 365, you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money at a time, rather you can pay the fee monthly or yearly basis. Having this Office Suite, you will get access to the most updated Office version on your device and acquire 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage as well.

Hopefully, you can understand the differences between them, and why Microsoft focuses on the circulation of Office 365, is clear to you. Compared to Office 2024, you can buy a subscription to Office 365 for personal usage or purchase a family pack for six people. Each user can use Office apps on five devices, which means with the Family subscription, you will get access to 30 devices.

Office 2024: A Traditional Version

Office 2024 is the conventional software product of Microsoft Office. You can buy it digitally or buy a boxed copy from a store as well. You will find “Office Home & Student 2024” for home users and a bit higher price of “Office Home and Business” for business users. The Home and Business edition costs $249.99 and the Home and Student edition costs $149.99 from the Microsoft Official website (You will get these two editions at an affordable rate from Key4Sell with cheap price)

You will get an Office 2024 license key after completing payment. You can buy either a physical key card or a digital key from any trustworthy website and they will email the license key with a product download link. Microsoft Office 2024 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Office Home and Student Edition don’t support the Outlook app as it’s not for commercial use; Getting Outlook you should require Office Home and Business Edition. For Operating Systems, Office 2024 is capable of containing Windows 10, Windows 11, windows 12 and Mac.

Once you purchase Office 2024, you will never have to pay for extra costs anymore cause you own that version. But whenever a new Office version appears, you need to buy that if you want to use it or you can keep with the same version till upgrading. Microsoft announced it will stop security updating after October 13, 2030, for Office 2024.

Another important thing you should know about Office 2024, you can install it one device at a time. If you want to shift the key to install another device, you can do it but you need to uninstall the existing activation on the current device. To keep installing two devices simultaneously, you have to buy another license key.

Office 365 Personal: Subscription-Based for One User

Office 365 Personal has changed its name to Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft has several plans for selling and distribution. The first Office plan is for personal usage and the other is for family users. Office 365 personal is intended for one person and it can open up to five devices.

Office 365 Personal provides access to the latest features of Microsoft and its upgrades from time to time to give new experiences to users. This has multiple newest features that you couldn’t find in the Office 2024. You can see a new feature Microsoft 365 Copilot AI is integrated with Office 365 but not with Microsoft Office 2024.

As you know the differences of Office 365, now you should know what is included in Microsoft 365 for the betterment of a user. It has included all the popular Office apps, a huge space in cloud storage, Microsoft editor for detecting grammatical errors in writing, Microsoft Clipchamp for video editing, and many more to make great-looking documents for your projects.

You can subscribe to Office 365 or purchase it from other places, such as Key4Sell. To subscribe from the Microsoft Website, you will be charged $69.99 per year and $6.99 for a monthly subscription. Enjoy the free trial from Office 365 to know how efficient it is, then make a subscription to get these monthly or yearly plans.

If you are currently making a subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal then you can download PowerPoint, Excel, and other apps. But termination of the subscription, you lose access to these Office Suite. You can use Office 365 apps after being not connected to the internet but if this period surpasses 31 days then your subscription will move into “reduced functionality” mode. In this mode, you’ll be able to view, and print documents but can not create a new document or edit them. Reconnecting to the internet will remove the reduced functionality mode and acquire full access to Microsoft 365 apps.

Office 365 Home: Subscription-Based for Six Users

Office 365 Home is currently known as Microsoft 365 Home and is designed for families of a maximum of six users. You can share this with six people who have a Microsoft account of their own. The subscription cost is $99.99 per year and $9.99 per month. You can buy Office 365 from other trustable and Microsoft-authorized resellers who charge less than Microsoft, like Key4Sell. Get Office 365 at just 5.99 per year from Key4Sell and enjoy the latest productivity Suite on your own.

Getting Microsoft 365 Home is cost-effective for you after a higher price than Office 365 Personal but you can share it with a few more people and they can use it on several devices. You will receive many important features to control your family’s Microsoft account through it, such as Microsoft Family Safety, Parental Control, and more features. With a massive storage advantage, you can utilize it for many essential tasks.

Office 365 vs Office 2024: Which Should You Take?

Microsoft is increasing its focus on Office 365 or Microsoft 365 and phase-out to the One-time Office Suite. It presents Microsoft 365 subscriptions as the best deal for people. For instance, If you buy an Office on your device for 2 years, you need to pay $160 for Office 2021 or $150 for Office 365 Home. Having Office 2024, you could save money after two years if you don’t upgrade it and retain the older version. If you upgrade within a few years, it will not be cost-effective for you. (Remember, the security upgrade of Office 2024 will end in 2030 and it will cost more.

Purchasing Office 2024 will be effective for you if you need a single copy for your device. So, buying Office 2024 in the year 2024 and using it till the security updates end (Microsoft will stop security updates in 2030) is not a bad deal, cause it costs $30 per year. For this reason, you can go ahead with Office 2024.

If you require multiple copies, then Office 365 is the best deal for you. Having Office 365, you can share it with six Microsoft accounts at a cost of 99.99 per year but getting these six copies of Office 2024 costs $900 to $1500.

You can buy both of these from our store. Visit the cheap Office 2024 Pro Plus page and cheap Office 365 page to buy them at the most affordable price.

This post will try to provide a clear discussion about Office 365 vs. Office 2024 and what suits your device most. We hope our information will clear your queries through these issues. If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to share your precious opinions in the comments section. That’s all for today. Good day to all.

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