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Buy Your Products from Key4Sell The Best Online Super Store Microsoft Keys. Get the best for your business at competitive prices, with secure payments and a full money-back warranty. Each order is digitally processed within a few seconds after purchase, with free English-speaking Customer Support

Windows server 2019 remote desktop services 50 users CALs - Product Key

Windows Server 2019 USER CALs

buy your licenses from Key4sell at competitive prices. Enjoy all the benefits of one of the best digital stores, including secure payments, instant delivery, 100% genuine licenses, a full money-back warranty, and our free English-speaking Customer Service.


Buy Windows Server 2019 USER CALs for your Business

Windows Server 2019 USER CALs are the Client Access Licenses for Windows Server 2019 and are available from Key4sell catalog. Buy your CAL license bundle for your business at a low price, with instant delivery.

WARNING: This page is related to USER CAL licenses for Windows Server 2019 that you can buy in bundles including 1-50 units. This is not the Windows Server 2019 software product. See our catalog for the best digital software like Windows 11 Professional, Office 2021 Professional, or Microsoft SQL Server 2019 at the best prices!


Receive and activate Windows Server 2019 USER CALs within a few seconds

One of the benefits of Key4sell is our fast service and this is one of the pillars our company is built on. Buy your digital product from us and receive it in a few seconds via email with our Digital Delivery System. This way, you can save both money and time to activate and deploy your license. You’ll also receive a full set of instructions to proceed with no external help, however, in case of doubt or if you are not certain about which type and how many CAL licenses you need, contact our free English-speaking Customer Service.


What’s a CAL license? What do I need Windows Server 2019 USER CALs for?

CALs (Client Access Licenses) are those licenses you need to deploy to your customers or IT staff to let them access services or tools provided by our server instance running Windows Server 2019. Your USER CALs must be distributed to your users with discrete credentials: only licensed users may access the server. Alternatively, you can buy the Server 2019 DEVICE CAL licenses, for unique and discrete devices. CAL license bundles available from Key4sell include 1-50 users (USER CALs) and 1-50 devices (DEVICE CALs).


What will I get if I buy Windows Server 2019 USER CALs from Mr Key4sell catalog?

Once you buy your Windows Server 2019 USER CAL bundle, you’ll get everything via email in a few seconds:

  • - Your Windows Server 2019 USER CAL licenses in the desired amount
  • - Clear and accurate instructions to deploy and activate your licenses
  • - Invoice
  • - Free English-speaking Customer Support


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Windows server 2019 remote desktop services 50 users CALs - Product Key

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